How do you make a photographer? Give a teenager a 35mm camera, send him on a teen tour and see what happens. I came back from the trip with hundreds of Agfachrome slides and was seduced by the saturated colors. I was intrigued. I loved the process of creating something, so I kept shooting. The next step was to jump into processing my own black and white prints in my folks store room. All the money I made working weekends, ($1.50 an an hour in those days), went to camera gear. By the time I was 17 I was on the road to my life as a pro photographer.

I am essentially self-taught, a slow way to learn any craft, but it was the only path I had. I did take workshops with master photographers Joe Zeltsman and Jay Maisel. Zeltsman taught me a sculptural approach to portraits based on the architecture of the human face. That was fascinating. Master colorist Jay Maisel was a charismatic and inspiring teacher. I felt there could be more to my work than portraits and he helped me find it.  A year later I made the transition to advertising and editorial photography. That was 35 years ago. 

Two years ago, I starting spending more time creating images for myself. Recently, when I took new studio space, I started working on my female nude studies again. I started shooting nudes in the early 1980's so it has been an interest of mine for a long time. At the moment, it is my main focus. If you are interested in purchasing a print, drop a note to me at [email protected]

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